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Check me out in Hamburger Moon 2!

2011-07-21 01:18:20 by Parabolic00

It's finally out! This hilarious flash is animated by Jaxxy and mixed by Sapphire.

Hamburger Moon 2

In it I'm Sailor Mars. I think... that's the red one, right? :/

Also in the flash are the oh so talented GeneralIvan, Y.Chang, Apatheria, and Tomamoto. All of whom I'm sure you are all acquainted with by now.

Enjoy and rate. :)

Zombie Kids: Easter Day

Here's my very first video game role. I voice none other than the one, the only Easter Bunny. Except this Easter Bunny is badass and kills zombies. Unfortunately, GameZHero didn't give me co-author, but I think that's just how they do things.

So play, enjoy, and rate. :)

Unfortunate Hiatus

2010-12-10 09:02:18 by Parabolic00

Well this is embarrassing. I had gone on a hiatus thanks to life getting in the way of my work at the end of October and forgot to mention it on here. I apologize to everyone who PMed me asking for voice work. I am not ignoring you, I promise! It's just that a lot of stressful things have been happening lately and notifying people on Newgrounds of my hiatus has just slipped my mind.

Fortunately, this hiatus should be over after Christmas and I'll be back into the voice acting arena. That's right Sapphire, Apatheria, Y. Chang, and other people I don't know. I'll be back soon!